Telecom & Broadband

In telecom, every second of service disruption or downtime directly and adversely impacts customer revenues and subscriber satisfaction levels. For telecommunication system vendors, delivering system availability is critical - a factor severe enough to trigger customer losses.  



NextNine Service Automation helps vendors deliver 24X7 system uptime by proactively monitoring systems to discover, diagnose and resolve support issues at the symptom stage – before they cause downtime. NextNine's platform was created from the ground up to support complex, mission critical systems such as Billing, Messaging, VOD, IPTV, Triple play and more.


With NextNine, Telecom and Broadband suppliers can:

  • Proactively monitor systems deployed at customer sites to identify issues
  • Receive alarms and related data to quickly identify problem source
  • Get secure, remote access to customer sites for fast problem resolution
  • Automate diagnostics and maintenance routines to lower MTTR
  • Significantly improve system availability and efficiency, while reducing support costs 


Telecom and Broadband Customers


NextNine is a leader in Operational Technology (OT) security management software for the industrial and critical infrastructure market. Top tier companies and five of the seven largest industrial vendors have standardized on NextNine. The company has nearly 5000 installations globally in oil and gas, mining, refining, chemicals, power, energy and electricity NextNine provides support automation solutions that enable technology vendors to proactively monitor and service their products at the customer site and automate the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of problems.