Process Automation and Manufacturing


Vendors in process automation and manufacturing face a unique set of challenges when it comes to supporting their systems as every minute of system downtime can slow down or even halt a plant's operation, resulting in some cases in millions of dollars in lost revenue. 


Additionally, the knowledge required to support legacy systems is at risk due to an aging workforce. Several field engineers as well as back-office support experts are nearing retirement. Retaining the knowledge they have accumulated over several decades is a major challenge.


Finally, product commoditization is driving the industry to compete more and more on service excellence. End customers demand that product vendors serve as a true partner in optimizing and improving the manufacturing process.


NextNine Service Automation (NSA) is the #1 remote service solution for process automation and manufacturing systems vendors. Designed to support complex mission critical systems, NSA's flexible rule based engine allows product manufacturers to remotely service a broad range of products, from simple drives to complex control systems, using a single platform. NextNine's NERC-compliant security architecture has allowed product manufacturers to proactively monitor their systems in the most secure locations, including nuclear and pharmaceutical plants. In addition, the NextNine remote service software is used by vendors to create premium services, such as capturing and analyzing data to increase the efficiency of the manufacturing process.


In short, here's what NextNine Service Automation can do for Vendors in the Process Automation and Manufacturing arena:

  • Maximize system uptime by proactively preventing problems
  • Deliver real time diagnostic data from equipment deployed at customer sites
  • Reduce field service costs by enabling secure remote access
  • Retain valuable knowledge which is at risk due to an aging workforce by easily transforming it to "rules" that are executed by the Virtual Support Engineer
  • Create new revenue generating services that help your customers run their plants more efficiently
  • Maintain complete inventory and configuration information of your deployed systems

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NextNine is a leader in Operational Technology (OT) security management software for the industrial and critical infrastructure market. Top tier companies and five of the seven largest industrial vendors have standardized on NextNine. The company has nearly 5000 installations globally in oil and gas, mining, refining, chemicals, power, energy and electricity NextNine provides support automation solutions that enable technology vendors to proactively monitor and service their products at the customer site and automate the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of problems.