Life Sciences

Laboratories and research facilities rely on your instruments for their daily operations. Maintaining instrument uptime and ensuring optimal operation is a key challenge for life sciences instrument vendors. Like most service organizations, vendors are under increasing pressures to deliver better service with fewer resources. How can one resolve this conflict?


NextNine Service Automation enables vendors in life sciences to dramatically improve their service using automated, proactive remote service. NextNine’s Virtual Support Engineer resides on or next to the supported instrument(s), collects and analyzes any information and securely transmits it to the service organization.


With NextNine, you can proactively discover, diagnose and resolve issues at the symptom stage, often before they impact the customer.

NextNine allows vendors in life sciences to:

  • Drastically reduce problem resolution time by remotely and automatically capturing data from instruments deployed at customer sites
  • Conduct intelligent preventive maintenance based on actual product usage
  • Optimize the flow of consumables by remotely capturing product usage information
  • Remotely perform product upgrades and save on costly field dispatches
  • Maximize system uptime by proactively and automatically discovering and resolving issues
NextNine is a leader in Operational Technology (OT) security management software for the industrial and critical infrastructure market. Top tier companies and five of the seven largest industrial vendors have standardized on NextNine. The company has nearly 5000 installations globally in oil and gas, mining, refining, chemicals, power, energy and electricity NextNine provides support automation solutions that enable technology vendors to proactively monitor and service their products at the customer site and automate the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of problems.