Proactive Monitoring

NextNine’s Automated Diagnostics and Corrective Actions application helps support organization save precious time in resolving technical problems. But often, early proactive discovery makes all the difference in expediting resolution and increasing customer satisfaction.

Proactive Support Features and Benefits:

  • Trigger alerts via email or SMS to relevant support engineers when problems or problem symptoms are discovered
  • Quickly discover which customers are experiencing problems with your product
  • Optionally notify end-customers of problems as they occur, along with instructions on how to handle these problems
  • Improve customer satisfaction by handling problems before they are discovered by your customers
  • Improve mean-time-to-repair (MTTR) and mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) by discovering and resolving problems early in the process, before they escalate and cause downtime
NextNine is a leader in Operational Technology (OT) security management software for the industrial and critical infrastructure market. Top tier companies and five of the seven largest industrial vendors have standardized on NextNine. The company has nearly 5000 installations globally in oil and gas, mining, refining, chemicals, power, energy and electricity NextNine provides support automation solutions that enable technology vendors to proactively monitor and service their products at the customer site and automate the discovery, diagnosis and resolution of problems.